Interested in working with MegaPlusNigeria and getting paid? then read!!!

MegaPlusNigeria has grown to a large media platform over a short period of time and this time we are offering you a great opportunity to be a big part of this great platform. Please read offer bellow!!

Mega Plus Nigeria charges between three, five and eight thousand Nigeria naira for every content promoted on the site depending on the clients preferred promotional package. If you have any knowledge of blogging then we can create an account for you and have you as a staff on the blog so you can get songs, business or people’s works promoted on the site by yourself and get 40% of the amount paid for every content promoted or referred by you on the site.
However if you don’t have any idea of blogging, you can still be a staff on the site and still earn 40% on every paid content promoted on the blog that was referred by you, in that case, we create an account with your Name on the website so that any promotional work you submit to us will be published on the website under your name and whenever you gets blogging idea, you can operate your account on the website by yourself.
The amazing part of it is the fact that with or without blogging experience, you can still have an account on the website and earn money from promotions made under your name.
So we are offering you a chance to be part of this great media platform and we sincerely hope that it helps take care of your little financial needs. If you are interested in this great offer, then reach out to our head of contents so we can publish an official post introducing and announcing you as a full member of our media outlet on the website and make you one of our representatives.
We have pig plans for the website so you will definitely enjoy being part of this great dream and can then introduce yourself to the aspiring musicians and other prospective clients around you and get them to promote their songs, business and works with you on

If interested, then kindly send the following details via Email to our head of contents

  • Full Name
  • Facial photograph
  • Valid Email address
  • Phone number
  • Facebook User Name
  • Instagram handle(optional)
  • Twitter handle(optional)

NOTE: it’s a limited offer and can be closed at anytime so hurry!! and good luck!!